This blog is predominately about camera trapping the University of California, Santa Cruz campus and a site in Marin that is being used to teach elementary school students about biology and conservation through camera trapping. We will also touch on other camera trapping news and musings, sets from other locations, natural history discussions and regular photography.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Magnificent Triple Take

"So there is a Mountain Lion going through my sister's backyard…"
I share a incredulous glance with teacher chum Ryan.
she continued, "It must be going after her chickens!"

The call was put out to place a camera trap in this particular San Anselmo backyard and our suspicions were confirmed with the appearance of a bobcat.

Of course the real treasure of this capture is the action in the diamond window of the chicken coop.

A great double take is a relatively common occurrence and with practice can be performed with excellence.

a master of the craft at work

However a triple take requires such an alarming event to take place for it to even truly be warranted, that it is a rare event to behold, especially so when its performer delivers it so beautifully, as this distressed chicken does.

A tip of the hat to this bird.

*This will hopefully be the end of the archive clean, with JK and I maintaining a couple of projects in the field currently and some recent adventures to detail.


  1. Haha

    Not even close to cleaning out the archives. I still have posts from two High Country seasons I need to write. But they will probably have to wait until some of these current projects get posted.

  2. True... I guess I am referring to "odds and ends" rather than our [i]massive[/i] project archives