This blog is predominately about camera trapping the University of California, Santa Cruz campus and a site in Marin that is being used to teach elementary school students about biology and conservation through camera trapping. We will also touch on other camera trapping news and musings, sets from other locations, natural history discussions and regular photography.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Should Be Guest Blog: Take It Slow

CTC chum and teaching colleague Ryan continues his shyness, or a desire for a camera trap curse, so here I am again to muse of his adventures...

Every summer, usually a couple days before the final day of school, Ryan splits the Bay Area for the East Coast to visit family.

The main destination is Indian Lake, a part of a chain of lakes called ... the Indian Lakes in Ontario, Canada.
The goals here: achieve an advanced state of chillness to recuperate from the stressful life of a special ed teacher, do some fishing and hang with the kiddos.

Along the way, his naturalist skills continue to develop.

Last summer on a wander, he noticed distinct chew marks on a tree he believed to be from a porcupine. A camera was set up in the area and the result was a new species for the CTC family!

like its summertime neighbour, taking it slow

JK and I look forward to future Canadian dispatches from the horse's mouth this coming summer.


  1. Nice! I sooo want to trap porcupine. Such a great rodent.

  2. Well done, indeed. And was that a Bushnell; I seem to recognize the flickering light.