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This blog is predominately about camera trapping in California. We camera trap to save our souls and to teach primary school students about biology and conservation. We will also touch on other camera trapping news and musings, sets from afar, mediocre herpetology, sucky birding, and other natural history discussions.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Going into the Weekend Link Dump Part III

This week's photo by Christian. Estero Americano

I was actually able to live up to my promise.

A beating tarantula heart viewed under MRI.

Nature program on the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Seeing the Great Whites in person was certainly an awe inspiring time. It is a creature that takes your breath away even at 5 feet long.

Ghost Mushrooms.  Too late for this year's class, but next year take it from the master.  Offered at the same field campus that the Codger teaches the camera trap class at (starts Sunday- Wish I was there). I hope to take the fungi class next year.

A toad once lost is found again after 87 years on the lam.  Ansonia latidisca is a pretty one.

Is the Afghanistan snow leopard population healthy despite the war?  Some camera trap images suggests it is.

A good science based comic from XKCD for the cell phones cause cancer peeps out there.

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