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This blog is predominately about camera trapping in California. We camera trap to save our souls and to teach primary school students about biology and conservation. We will also touch on other camera trapping news and musings, sets from afar, mediocre herpetology, sucky birding, and other natural history discussions.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Great Highway

We return to Younger Lagoon for the last set before our current short break to dry cams and plan the next step.

For this last set, we leave behind the High Plateau and the marsh for a new location. Near one of the first set locations is a fence that encloses the reserve on the south and stretches to farmland that surrounds Younger to the east and north. This is also where we came upon a coyote late last year.

I call this location The Great Highway for during the 54 days in operation it featured 7 indentifiable species in transit and 1.7 positive camera trap triggers per day. Not amazing stats, but one must take into consideration the deluge of rain that pounded the Northern and Central California Coasts throughout the months of February and March.

The most common visitor was the Brush Rabbit, with 14 unique visits.

California Quail were also frequent travelers, often in a flock of at least 16 individuals.

Black-tailed Deer and Striped Skunk made several appearances, but the stars of this set were the Younger Lagoon resident family of bobcats.



  1. Dang...you guys sure do get the bobcats, don't you?!

    I'm happy as heck if I get one a year.

    You all out west (you guys, Codger and Random Truth) have really got catching cats down-pat!

    Nice shots...

  2. That fat sitting cat looks miffed.

  3. love that shot! and perfect 'words in his mouth'. :)