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This blog is predominately about camera trapping in California. We camera trap to save our souls and to teach primary school students about biology and conservation. We will also touch on other camera trapping news and musings, sets from afar, mediocre herpetology, sucky birding, and other natural history discussions.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trail of Plenty

The video cam at the Marin reserve continues to deliver interesting captures.

Coyote goes in for the deep rub (1.1.11)

Bobcat dance (1.15.11) *

Gray Fox quick stop (1.16.11)

* A favorite among my students


  1. Interesting that they just use the middle of the trail as a scent spot. No big rock ... no gnarly log. That has been a great spot.

  2. Good stuff. The bobcat scratching is excellent. From what I've seen, middles of trails seem to be popular. Perhaps that's the best way to reach the broadest audience. Location, location, location...